go, go, GO!

Being a one man show is TOUGH. So rewarding though - to see the direct fruits of your labor. These albums are such a labor of love. They've been delayed a thousand times for a thousand reasons - each I've learned from. The biggest being the TERRIBLE morning all day sickness that hit me as soon as the NSS was over. I have learned SO much about creating these puppies since creating (in a short span of 4 weeks) the lone album I toted with me to NYC. I plan on writing a detailed series of posts with NSS tips (including album building tips) as soon as these albums are out the door. At the end of the day, I will be so proud of them. They ARE shipping next week - as soon as the binders arrive. Hallelujah! I cant wait for these to be in stores. A few photos of the madness here...

iPhone images I forgot I had... me with my lone album on my way to set up for the NSS. Middle: me, getting ready to place loose stationery on the magnetic wall at the English Paper Co booth. Right: The ENORMOUS stack of shipping boxes awaiting albums.

Images from the ELP Everyday Album

More images from the ELP Everyday Album & ELP Wedding Album page stacks - awaiting samples to be adhered to them.

Craziness ensues :) You better believe I have a massage and a date planned for the day these puppies ship.


I've been busy busy busy designing the ELP Holiday Photo Card Album and am in need of family, couple, children or baby photos to be used as examples throughout. Photos taken by professional photogs will be credited beneath examples. Photos taken by "aspiring" photogs (aka with your handy-dandy point and shoot) are great too. Interested in being part of these albums that will be distributed nationwide? Submit hi-res photos with crediting information to hello@emilyleypaper.com. Photos will be slightly cropped to fit photo areas.