A few photos from the National Stationery Show:
The Emily Ley Paper section of the English Paper Co booth. On the wall is the Social Stationery Collection, in the album and displayed on the shelf is the Wedding Crests (TM) and Classics Collection.
One of my new favorite people, Sophie Askew (also the Art Director for Tiffany & Co), in front of the Askew Design section of the English Paper Co booth. Second photo - ME = NERVOUS on day one. Third photo, the ever-fabulous Christopher Confero and I in front of the English Paper Co booth on Day One. 
From left: Bryan, my husband, and I; Sophie Askew and I; Whitney English and I. Words cant sum up the thanks I have to Whitney for her mentoring and endless coaching. English Paper Co is doing some BIG things right now. Keep an eye out and visit their blog here


I’m going to write a much more in depth blog post very soon, but I can’t delay writing what’s overwhelming me right now. The National Stationery Show was unbelievable. I cant find the words (rare for me) to describe the experience. Just one month prior to the show, I found out I’d be exhibiting. I worked myself into a frenzy but finally made it there. On Day One, I was exhausted, filled with adrenaline, terrified, and excited beyond belief. I told my husband as we had breakfast before the show in our hotel that I was going to go back to sleep because 1) I was scared and 2) I felt like I was going to my first day at a new school and I didn’t know if anyone would like me (AKA my collections).

I remember those moments just a few days ago, and how my husband had to literally WALK me to the show… and I can’t help but laugh. Putting myself out there was scary. But ELP was received in a fantastic and wonderful way. The biggest compliment I received was that my collection “filled a niche in a big way.” Many retailers were looking for 1) a Wedding Collection with a high end appeal and two price points and 2) a Social Stationery Collection that is simple, classic and polished – with a fresh/modern edge.

I got to meet so meet so many amazing bloggers, magazine editors, other designers, the English Paper Co crew (some of my new favorite ppl ever!) among so many others. That, in itself, was a huge blessing. I cant thank Whitney English & English Paper Co enough for their support. ELP’s first National Stationery Show was a great success.

And so beginning this summer, ELP will now be carried in 30+ retail stores nationwide. Stay tuned for two NEW Collections coming soon! The ELP Holiday Collection and the ELP Accessories Collection.

If you’re interested in carrying any of the ELP Collections, please contact me here.


Introducing . . . The Wedding Crest™. Southern ladies have a real “thing” for monograms – we monogram our napkins, our bags, even our clothes. Heck, we’ll monogram our placemats if you let us. Over the past few years, monograms have become increasingly popular as a way to brand a wedding – used the same way you would use a business or event logo. Overall, they’ve brought consistency to invitation suites, favors and gifts – even provided themes to tie décor together.
ELP is taking that theory one step further – introducing the Wedding Crest – a polished, elaborate spin on the everyday-monogram. At the National Stationery Show this weekend, ELP will be debuting our Wedding Crest and Classics Collection – a line featuring 20 Wedding Crests and 4 Classic style invitation suites. The Wedding Crest™ is intricate, clean and very personalized. Using artwork and text, the Wedding Crest ties together your personalities, your love story and your big day. Each Wedding Crest in the collection is available as an invitation, response set, enclosure card, menu, program, place card, thank you note and save the date in letterpress OR flat printed. Some are simple and sweet, others are elaborate and bold.
Stop by the English Paper Co booth if you’re in NYC this weekend to check out the Wedding Crest and Classics Collection (as well as the new Social Stationery collection – complete with flat stationery, imprintables and party invitations). Albums are available for pre-order now ( for more info). I’ll be debuting the ENTIRE collection including all 20 Wedding Crests here on my blog after the National Stationery Show!

ELP is also offering CUSTOM Wedding Crests for those brides who want something a bit more fitted to their taste, style and story. ( for more info).


This video blog is LONG overdue! Forgive my hair. It happens when you don't sleep for a month :)


In an ever changing, ever growing, extremely saturated stationery industry, I can’t tell you how cool I think this concept is: PaperConcierge is the brain child of Caroline Brant. Caroline owned a retail store called Leap Frog Paper for many years and recently partnered with English Paper Co to pursue PaperConcierge in a big way. The concept behind this business is game-changing. Anyone in the paper-world knows how important it is for customers to have a personal experience. While online-shopping is and continues to be all-the-rage, the personalized experience and any valuable face-to-face time is key. Paper goods are special because you can touch and feel them – unlike an email or a text message. Letterpress, in particular, is a specialty that can really only be appreciated when you hold a letterpress piece and feel the richness of the deep indentations on thick cotton stock (in the case of ELP).

PaperConcierge marries the concept of online shopping, the personalized experience and face-to-face interaction. PC carries the best brands in the stationery industry and empowers its “Concierges” to own their own stationery business “without the overhead.” Concierges purchase a startup kit for only $175 that includes samples, 100 personalized business cards, a personalized website and email address. Concierges then sell directly to clients and let the team behind PC take care of the rest. I’m telling you, this concept EXCITES me. And I’m thrilled that Emily Ley Paper is part of it.

AND PaperConcierges receive 25% off personal orders (HELLO BRIDES! THIS IS A GREAT OPPORTUNITY FOR YOU!) Visit PaperConcierge here. Follow Caroline & PaperConcierge on Twitter. Click here for more information on becoming a PaperConcierge. Keep an eye on this company, its bound to make a huge impact on the stationery industry.


You all know that the Making Things Happen workshop in Watercolor last December really changed me quite a bit. It gave me a newfound appreciation for my unique brand, helped me dig up the courage to fall pretty hard and connected me with some of the most inspiring, incredible people I’ve ever met.

But since December, SO MUCH HAS HAPPENED. So much. Have I accomplished all of the goals I set for myself? Nope. Have I accomplished things that I didn’t even THINK to add to my list? Yep. A few things I’ve learned that have become INCREDIBLY valuable to me:
  • Don’t be afraid to fall. And when you do, feel how bad it hurts, learn something, pick yourself up and move on in a BIG way.
  • Have patience (huh? What’s that?) It is cliché – but Rome was not built in a day. Do your best work and constantly improve your art AND processes.
  • Make every connection possible – the best way to make things happen. You never know where these connections will lead.
  • Take opportunities as they come to you. Especially when you are new, it’s so important to put yourself out there. I think about the times I was most afraid to put myself out there – great risk = great reward.
  • Pay it forward. As you learn, don’t be shy about sharing the lessons you’ve learned with others – even if you’re not an expert yet.
  • Be authentic. Life’s greatest lesson. Try hard, mess up, experiment, expand your art, broaden your reach – but most importantly BE TRUE TO YOURSELF, to what you like, don’t like, to your personality – the way you work with people, the words you use. Let your brand grow ORGANICALLY from this.
This weekend, I’m putting myself out there in a big way. Am I excited? Holy cow. Am I nervous? You betcha. Will the craziness I’ve taken on the past month pay off? I have no doubt. If you’re in NYC this weekend, stop by the English Paper Co. booth and say hello! I’ll be debuting the Social Stationery and Wedding Crest & Classics collections on the new blog – launching after the National Stationery Show.

National Stationery Show (!!!!!!!!)

I've been MIA! I KNOW! :) I'm the most overwhelmed, excited, exhausted, PUMPED I think I've ever been - since starting ELP. If you're in NYC in two weeks, come to the NATIONAL STATIONERY SHOW and swing by the English Paper Company booth - there you'll find ME! I'm thrilled and honored to be exhibiting as part of this booth and to be working with this fantastic company. In one month, I've designed and produced my Wedding Collection album, maneuvered a mini-facelift for the website and blog (coming soon) and designed a whole HEAP of a social stationery collection. This announcement deserved a video blog. But just like I havent slept in 2 weeks, I also havent worn makeup in 2 weeks, so there. Here are some photos of my life lately - including swatches, my album mock-up, a glass of wine or five... see you in NY!