Rainy Day Design

Welcome to the new ELP blog! Thanks goes to Ellie at Rainy Day Design. I found her on Twitter and she specializes in blog templates for the Blogger platform. I just love the new yellow look! Hi Design is designing a blog to match my new website set to launch later this year, but many thanks to Ellie for the updated design for the interim! I will definitely be working with Ellie on other projects. Any of you who are looking for super clean, modern blog templates - check her out. Her templates run between $20-$35 (super cute add-ons are available too). Thanks, Ellie!!

And for all you brides out there, Rainy Day Design also offers ADORABLE wedding blog templates for you to keep your friends and family updated with your story, wedding details, etc.

Font Love

I have a serious obsession with fonts. I would venture to say that since beginning ELP in early January, I have spent a small fortune on commercial font licenses. I love fonts more than patterns, more than graphics… I love the way a word looks when it’s represented esthetically through its font. It’s like handwriting. Mine is forever changing and morphing into whatever I’m feeling that day. This font is my newest obsession… and as a wedding invitation designer, I get to buy all the script, swoopy, curly fonts I want!

ever so clever

This made me laugh... for all you brides stressing out... sit back and read away... and remember at the end of the day... you'll be Mrs. LoveOfYourLife and that's all that matters. Really :)

... that and marvelous invitations.

Ok here goes... click the invitation to make it bigger.

Brand Spankin' New ELP Monograms

Check out the 24 new ELP Monograms in the Etsy Shop! These are brand new for the new ELP website (coming soon...) but I've decided to post them in the Etsy Shop now! Each includes 4 FILES (one large and small of each : color and black & white). These can be used for weddings, families, personal projects, whatever suits your fancy.

I eat an apple every day...

... and this is what I get! Lots of doctors... :) Sigh... Admitadlly, I am a bit of a hypochondriac. Ok, so you caught me. But... I do not apologize for going to the dermatologist. (and finding out that I do NOT HAVE SKIN CANCER... thank goodness!) I spent so much time in the sun over the years... and supplemented that with the tanning bed thankyouverymuch. Oh I was dark and lovely... but my fair skin sure paid the price for it. From here on out, guess what, it's mystic tan and SPF30 for me.

And then...

Since high school I've had heart palpitations. No biggie. 10 years later... I am having two or three a day. Concerning? Yes. Hypochondriac? I think not. So I went to the walk-in clinic yesterday just to get checked out. They performed an EKG and found a slight abnormality. They sent me to the Emergency Room, which automatically freaked me out. I picked Bryan up and we waited forever to get in. Six hours and a TON of tests later, I have a slight right ventricular abnormality and will see a cardiologist on Monday morning.

Another PSA from ELP... slow down.

And now I'll eat my own words :) Mmm Mmm good. No really, I think God sometimes just tells us to stop... slow down... enjoy life... and just "be" in the moment. So here I am... blessed and loved and reminded how important the little things are...


No News is Good News

No news on the skin biopsy... but the doc says no news is good news. They only let patients know if the biopsy comes back with bad news. I have a follow up appointment next week. On the other hand, Bryan goes on Wednesday to be looked at. Thanks for all your prayers. I realize I probably blew this way out of proportion... but when I tell you that I used to go to the beach and THEN go to the tanning bed in the same day (bc that's a really good idea)... I'm not kidding :)

Thank God for wake up calls.

In other news, I just had to share these really cool new stamps with my brides-to-be. One of my brides mailed me a fabric swatch with this stamp and I just loved it! C'mon now... if you love stationery, you HAVE to love cool stamps.