Introducing the Goodpaper 2009 Holiday Photocard Collection

Introducing a little Goodpaper for the 2009 Holidays!

Goodpaper 2009 Holiday Photocards are now available! Don't forget to sign up here for the big e-nnouncement of the grand opening of the Goodpaper online boutique in January 2010!

How to order:
  1. Click here to view the 2009 Holiday Photocard Collection to make your pick. (Hint: Click once on the image once the screen opens to see them close-up).
  2. Click here to customize and place your order.
  3. Wait for your PDF proof to be emailed to you for approval.
  4. Wa-lah!
  • Cards are printed on heavy, matte stock.
  • Each card set comes with your choice of red or white envelopes.
  • Only hi-resolution (large) photographs may be used.
  • Your photograph will be cropped to fit into the space allotted.
  • Fonts cannot be changed.
  • Please allow 2-3 business days for a PDF proof to be emailed to you for approval.
  • Please allow 10-14 business days for your photocards to arrive at your door after approval.
  • 20 cards & envelopes :: $26
  • 30 cards & envelopes :: $48
  • 40 cards & envelopes :: $50
  • 50 cards & envelopes :: $60
  • 60 cards & envelopes :: $72
  • 70 cards & envelopes :: $84
  • 80 cards & envelopes :: $96
  • 90 cards & envelopes :: $108
  • 100 cards & envelopes :: $120
  • Please email any questions to

Do I have to wear white?

I just received what might be one of the best books ever in the mail. Emily Post, as many of you know, is the epitome of Southern etiquette at it's greatest. Do I Have to Wear White? by Anna Post is brilliant. While we may not always follow her advice, she shares some of the tried and true traditions and details of the "what to do" and "what not to do's" of our every days and our biggest days.

This book is split into chapters with an entire section devoted to invitations. I just love what she has to say. She answers the questions I get asked all the time.
  • Can I say "adults only" or "no children, please" on my invitation?
  • Do I have to use a tissue liner?
  • Do I need two envelopes rather than just one? What's that outer envelope all about anyways?
  • My parent's are divorced, how on earth do I write my invitation wording?
The rest of the chapters are great too, of course. IE:
  • BRIDE: At a recent wedding, my cousin grabbed the bouquet from the woman who caught it. How do I avoid a replay at my wedding?
  • EP: Sounds like she likes to be the life of the party, and during a lighthearted custom like the bouquet toss, that's not such a serious thing. Since you can't control her antics, try your best to ignore them and let her have her fun. Perhaps if she's caught one bouquet, she won't need to catch another! If you're really concerned, you can skip the bouquet toss altogether - it's not a required activity.
Brilliant, Emily, Brilliant! Must be something in the name.... ;)

Goodpaper will feature a "Good Advice" section with answers to Southern etiquette questions covering everything from weddings, to addressing an envelope, to when to send and not send a thank you note.

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A few monograms have been listed in Goodpaper's new Etsy shop!

Goodpaper Christmas Cards!


Just a sampling of Goodpaper Christmas cards - coming October, 2009!
Get your orders ready!

Just a little goodpaper goodness...

I've been working on learning my Canon camera and macro lens and finally have a few Goodpaper pieces in-hand from my thermographer. A sneak peak:

3 and a HALF months to go...

I am getting so stinkin' excited about the January launch of Goodpaper, I can't even stand it. I want so badly to post all the great designs I've been working on and all the screenshots of the amazing website Kendra at Hi Design House is working on for me... but I'm holding it all in until January.

Today, I listened to an international business consultant speak on how to find success during a recession. One point he made rang in my ears over and over again.... "entrepreneurialism THRIVES during a down time." I feel like my venture is living proof of that. I'd have never thought my dream could grow as much as it has in 9 short months. I have so many ideas for this company and for this blog (I've been thinking more and more about what I'd like my blog to grow into these days). Part of my package with Hi Design House is a fully interactive blog - and I'm stoked. I really want to focus on entrepreneurialism, social media, simplistic design and DIY projects. Not to mention Southern charm and style in all ways shapes and forms.

For now, I'm finalizing artboards for my 25 suite wedding collection (Still... I feel like I've been doing this since FEBRUARY), working on a few large weddings (including a pretty awesome letterpress suite for a wonderful Southern bride), and getting things ready for the site... not to mention fighting for my two trademarks... hopefully to be assigned to an examining attorney soon. Fingers crossed, full speed ahead.


Something beautiful...

The most wonderful of all things in life is the discovery of another human being
with whom one's relationship has a growing depth, beauty and joy as the years increase.

The inner progressiveness of love between two human beings
is a most marvelous thing; it cannot be found by looking for it or passionately wishing for it.

It is a sort of divine accident, and the most wonderful of all things in life.

- Sir Hugh Walpole

Bryan and I had this quote framed and posted beside our guestbook at our wedding last year. I came across it this weekend and had to share.

Home Sweet Home!

This weekend, Bryan and I are in beautiful Pensacola - home sweet home. We're staying with my parents at the house I grew up in. I love being here. There's something so peaceful and calming about being home with Mom and Dad.

I'm starting to realize my love for Southern hospitality really, at its core, comes from the women in my family - my mom, especially. My grandmothers, my aunt, my good friends back home. When Bryan and I head back to Pensacola - my mom fills the house with everything we love - chocolate chip cookies for Bryan and cucumber salad (I know, how yummy, right?? it's amazingly good) for me. Bud light, sangria, coffee, mmm... funny how you know you're Southern when comfort foods are the center of a good time with good people.

We've spent quite a bit of time in the pool, big dinners, visiting our favorite spots back home. It's so refreshing being away and spending time with the people who recharge your batteries, so to speak :)