Favorite Color

The funny story behind my obsession with green is that when I was little... all the other little girls thought I must be strange... because my favorite color wasn't pink or purple. I loved green - kelly green, please. I remember my mom made a chair/back cover thing that held my supplies behind my chair in kindergarten - it was green, probably the only one in the room that was green, but I loved it.

Green will always be my #1, but lately, I have developed a huge fascination with YELLOW. Golden yellow, yumm. So today, I've been designing a few save the dates and trying to get some photos taken of my products to send off to Hi Design House (who's working on the new website!) I designed this really cute save the date, more photos to come - and hopped over to Hello Lucky! when I heard they have a new designer working for them - Joel Dewberry (a fabric designer whose style is Eclectic Modern - I love that phrase!)

They have also been using a lot of yellow as of late (well, by as of late, I mean, since I've been stalking their blog - I LOVE their designs). Check out this styleboard - I love the vintage feel and splash of yellow throughout.

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Lauren said...

I'm recently also kind of obsessed with yellow. Everything that I'm drawn to now is yellow. My mom thinks I'm crazy lol. :)