mmm mmm good

I’m back, I swear. It’s been a while… or so it seems. I’ve been swamped and swimming in wedding invitations, programs, stationery, product design, pricing strategy, learning all the wonders that are adobe, flirting with quickbooks oh my… it has been busy. But all the while, I am falling more and more in love with this thing called ELP. And today when I was playing and doing what I’m not supposed to when I should be doing something else… I came across a few other bloggers from my stationery world… and fell in love all over again with my paper.

No really… I love my brides and I love my new business, but most of all I love thank you notes. Never underestimate their power. I love seeing my personal “logo” in the form of a monogram and I love making other people happy. All of you will see the real story of how ELP started when my new site is launched. Im aiming to have everything ready to go for a grand-re-opening in January. Holy moly so much to do and it’s already month 6 of 12.

Reading these blogs I read today… it made me think of how much I love to write… and not the fancy schmancy writing I sometimes do on this little blog but the kind of writing that just comes out… whew… onto the page when you think outloud. It’s freeing.

The new elp… it will be so exciting. It will have a focus on monograms… and all wedding/stationery things that have to do with monograms. I love branding a wedding, an event, a love story, a person. New logo… new colors… new website… new packaging… new designs… new products… much elp love to come in the future.

In other news… Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Schuyler Grove!


Mrs. J Manny said...

you're so cute! you are so very amazing at this stuff. its funny to think that years ago when we would go to hob lob and buy allll that paper and scrapbook, that your obsession with paper would turn into this growing company. whenever you get bored with wedding stuff, please, feel free to break into like baby announcements, and kid monograms =) yea yea. i love you! i really hope we get to see each other soon!

Lauren said...

oh my goodness!! yay! thank you!
I'm just now getting back into the swing of things and trying to catch up on blogs...and of course it's making me miss wedding things and planning. what to do with my time now???!!