Philanthropy, and the idea of "paying it forward" is very, very special to me. For many reasons. While enjoying dinner with Lara, Jeff and Sandi in Atlanta for MTH2010, we discussed the passion behind Emily Ley Paper... the reason I do what I do - where this brand came from. Undeniably, the idea of paying it forward was a common thread in the stories I told. I love to teach and share - but most importantly, I have to know that the product I'm producing, the relationships I'm building - there is a deeper meaning behind them all.

So in an effort to pay it forward - to the industry that has welcomed Emily Ley Paper with open arms since the very beginning - I'm offering a special sale :: Boxed Personalized Stationery (each including 100, 50 or 24 notecards paired with coordinating envelopes) are available HERE at a special price. Only 40 available.

30% of the sale price from each set will benefit an organization whose mission is unbelievably important and very special. Following the lead of the Make A Wish Foundation, Wish Upon a Wedding was created to grant the dreams of couples facing terminal illness. Having been a fundraiser for Covenant Hospice, this mission is incredibly dear to me. I've held the hands of those facing the inevitable and witnessed their PURE grace and sheer courage firsthand. To be able to make the dream of the most important day of their lives come true - well... that is a privilege.

Click here to be part of this contribution.
Click here to learn more about Wish Upon a Wedding.

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