In an ever changing, ever growing, extremely saturated stationery industry, I can’t tell you how cool I think this concept is: PaperConcierge is the brain child of Caroline Brant. Caroline owned a retail store called Leap Frog Paper for many years and recently partnered with English Paper Co to pursue PaperConcierge in a big way. The concept behind this business is game-changing. Anyone in the paper-world knows how important it is for customers to have a personal experience. While online-shopping is and continues to be all-the-rage, the personalized experience and any valuable face-to-face time is key. Paper goods are special because you can touch and feel them – unlike an email or a text message. Letterpress, in particular, is a specialty that can really only be appreciated when you hold a letterpress piece and feel the richness of the deep indentations on thick cotton stock (in the case of ELP).

PaperConcierge marries the concept of online shopping, the personalized experience and face-to-face interaction. PC carries the best brands in the stationery industry and empowers its “Concierges” to own their own stationery business “without the overhead.” Concierges purchase a startup kit for only $175 that includes samples, 100 personalized business cards, a personalized website and email address. Concierges then sell directly to clients and let the team behind PC take care of the rest. I’m telling you, this concept EXCITES me. And I’m thrilled that Emily Ley Paper is part of it.

AND PaperConcierges receive 25% off personal orders (HELLO BRIDES! THIS IS A GREAT OPPORTUNITY FOR YOU!) Visit PaperConcierge here. Follow Caroline & PaperConcierge on Twitter. Click here for more information on becoming a PaperConcierge. Keep an eye on this company, its bound to make a huge impact on the stationery industry.

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caroline brant said...

Emily, you are the BEST! And, we are just as excited about having you and your fabulous designs on PaperConcierge.com!