What a whirlwind of a week! I am totally late in posting this as I've been digging out of an ENORMOUS shipment of Emily Ley Paper album orders, holiday album design, Emily Ley Creative branding clients (oh so much to say about these... amazing, inspiring, passionate, artistic people....) and somewhere in the middle - finding out that my sweet baby girl is actually a SWEET BABY BOY! (You better believe I'm already shopping for little bowties!)

Whew! Right now, I am just so so so excited for the winner of the MTH2010 Scholarship! Lara made the announcement today on her blog. I cannot wait to meet everyone on this amazing journey. Let me just tell you that reading all 141 entries (which seemed to DOUBLE overnight at one point) was amazing. The stories that were told in that little comment field were so real, so wholehearted and so sincere.

Hop over to Lara's blog to watch her video and hear some OTHER exciting news! I cannot WAIT until November!

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tlphoto said...

Baby boys are the best!!! They just love their mommies so much. Congratulations!