Lately, I’ve spent a lot of time working on the goodpaper brand. I’ve been collecting photos, phrases, paper, fabric swatches – basically any and everything that in some way represents the goodpaper brand. My sweet husband transformed a gorgeous mirror (that we had no place for) into an inspiration board. I’ve begun tacking up my “inspirational” pieces to help me as I work with my web designer (Kendra, from Hi Design) to develop the site (so excited!!!) and create elements of the brand – like business cards, marketing collateral, email templates, the new blog, etc.

So far, Goodpaper is :: happy, Southern, clean, fresh, classic and traditional above all else. Here is a look at a few of the elements that have made their way to my Goodpaper inspiration board so far. It's a little all over the place, but it's a compilation of pieces that define one part or another - at this stage in the process, I'll start whittling down to get to the heart of goodpaper. In other news, I’ve finalized all 25 Goodpaper wedding suites – complete with coordinating “love logos,” invitations, response cards, save the dates, thank you notes, menus and programs. Stoked.

PS :: If you haven't been to my site lately... you have to check it out. The new song is so CUTE!

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Lauren said...

love the new song! And I don't suppose you would want to give a sneak peek of one or two of the new wedding suites....??? I think I need something to hold me over until the official launch! :)