Home Sweet Home!

This weekend, Bryan and I are in beautiful Pensacola - home sweet home. We're staying with my parents at the house I grew up in. I love being here. There's something so peaceful and calming about being home with Mom and Dad.

I'm starting to realize my love for Southern hospitality really, at its core, comes from the women in my family - my mom, especially. My grandmothers, my aunt, my good friends back home. When Bryan and I head back to Pensacola - my mom fills the house with everything we love - chocolate chip cookies for Bryan and cucumber salad (I know, how yummy, right?? it's amazingly good) for me. Bud light, sangria, coffee, mmm... funny how you know you're Southern when comfort foods are the center of a good time with good people.

We've spent quite a bit of time in the pool, big dinners, visiting our favorite spots back home. It's so refreshing being away and spending time with the people who recharge your batteries, so to speak :)

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