I think a great addition to this little blog will be a new feature I’ll do on the occasional Friday – “Oh my Goodness” featuring all the little things that make life so good, even unexpectedly.
  • Starbucks red cups – These, by far, top my list of signs Fall is in the air and the Holidays are around the corner
  • Blind letterpress – I’m recently in love with this form of printing. I love the simplicity.
  • My sweet husband making me laugh – if you haven’t met Bryan… he is one of the funniest people I’ve ever known. He has an uncanny, unmatched ability to make me laugh even when I am having the worst of days. One of the top 3 reasons I love him to pieces.
  • Traditions – Fall is the season of traditions for my family. A boisterous Christmas White elephant party. A Christmas morning scavenger hunt (for my husband, myself, my brother and my brother’s girlfriend – all of whom are between the ages of 22 and 30). A silly ornament exchange with my husband – we are developing quite the eclectic collection.
  • My mom’s sweet Southern hospitality – my Mom is the best at this. When Bryan and I go home for Christmas, my mom always has our favorite foods baked and waiting (chocolate chip cookies – my weakness in life). She plans our favorite dinners. My dad makes coffee in the evening for everyone while we sit around and chat. Home is so comforting.

Looking forward to spending a week at home this Holiday season. But in the meantime, keep those personal stationery and Holiday photo card orders coming!

* PS: Changes are a'coming for Goodpaper! Slowly but surely. Check out www.ilovegoodpaper.com for the new splash page. A bit of Goodpaper style to tide you over until January 8 and the big reveal!

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