I {heart} New York.

Times Square... love the energy here.
Kate's Paperie. I could have stayed... for hours.
Bryan, my husband, at the NY Stock Exchange on Wall Street... about as happy as I was in Kate's Paperie :)
At home getting ready to leave for our 6am flight. Thank goodness for the Crown Room and strong coffee.

NYC was absolutely, positively, amazingly fabulous. Marvelous. Glorious. Seriously, I had the BEST time. My husband Bryan and I got to see everything we wanted, including a heart fluttering experience on Wall Street (I thought Bryan might jump for joy when we got there). We ate some (ok, a lot of) really great food - had a few margaritas over Mexican (our fave) at our new favorite restaurant ever - Rosa Mexicano. We went shopping on Fifth. Saw the Statue of Liberty. Rode the subway (ew). Walked through Central Park. It was... just wonderful.

A highlight of our trip was a visit to Kate's Paperie. Wonderful paper and envelopes... creativity galore.

On our last full day in NYC, I walked down to a Starbucks on Park Ave by myself (while Bryan napped in our room - lots of walking!) I took a few sheets of paper and a pen and let all of my goodpaper ideas flow with the energy of the big city. Needless to say, I ran out of room. I am so excited to the core about goodpaper and cannot wait to share all of it with you all soon.


Beth said...

I'm so happy you had such a great time in NYC! I LOVE being in that city! I feel so alive! LOL :) Hopefully you can go back sooner rather than later!! :)

She's Gonna Make It said...

Oh my, I have only been to New York once, and Rosa Mexicana was my fave too!! Did you have guac made table-side? That was some of the best guacamole I have ever had... And the mole! Yum!

Mrs. J Manny said...

im glad you had fun in NYC! i cant wait to see all that goodpaper holds my little driven, ambitious girl!