3 and a HALF months to go...

I am getting so stinkin' excited about the January launch of Goodpaper, I can't even stand it. I want so badly to post all the great designs I've been working on and all the screenshots of the amazing website Kendra at Hi Design House is working on for me... but I'm holding it all in until January.

Today, I listened to an international business consultant speak on how to find success during a recession. One point he made rang in my ears over and over again.... "entrepreneurialism THRIVES during a down time." I feel like my venture is living proof of that. I'd have never thought my dream could grow as much as it has in 9 short months. I have so many ideas for this company and for this blog (I've been thinking more and more about what I'd like my blog to grow into these days). Part of my package with Hi Design House is a fully interactive blog - and I'm stoked. I really want to focus on entrepreneurialism, social media, simplistic design and DIY projects. Not to mention Southern charm and style in all ways shapes and forms.

For now, I'm finalizing artboards for my 25 suite wedding collection (Still... I feel like I've been doing this since FEBRUARY), working on a few large weddings (including a pretty awesome letterpress suite for a wonderful Southern bride), and getting things ready for the site... not to mention fighting for my two trademarks... hopefully to be assigned to an examining attorney soon. Fingers crossed, full speed ahead.


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Lauren said...

I can't wait to see all of the new designs! I don't suppose I could get a sneak peak?? :)