Do I have to wear white?

I just received what might be one of the best books ever in the mail. Emily Post, as many of you know, is the epitome of Southern etiquette at it's greatest. Do I Have to Wear White? by Anna Post is brilliant. While we may not always follow her advice, she shares some of the tried and true traditions and details of the "what to do" and "what not to do's" of our every days and our biggest days.

This book is split into chapters with an entire section devoted to invitations. I just love what she has to say. She answers the questions I get asked all the time.
  • Can I say "adults only" or "no children, please" on my invitation?
  • Do I have to use a tissue liner?
  • Do I need two envelopes rather than just one? What's that outer envelope all about anyways?
  • My parent's are divorced, how on earth do I write my invitation wording?
The rest of the chapters are great too, of course. IE:
  • BRIDE: At a recent wedding, my cousin grabbed the bouquet from the woman who caught it. How do I avoid a replay at my wedding?
  • EP: Sounds like she likes to be the life of the party, and during a lighthearted custom like the bouquet toss, that's not such a serious thing. Since you can't control her antics, try your best to ignore them and let her have her fun. Perhaps if she's caught one bouquet, she won't need to catch another! If you're really concerned, you can skip the bouquet toss altogether - it's not a required activity.
Brilliant, Emily, Brilliant! Must be something in the name.... ;)

Goodpaper will feature a "Good Advice" section with answers to Southern etiquette questions covering everything from weddings, to addressing an envelope, to when to send and not send a thank you note.

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