I'm a little overwhelmed as I realize that 2010 is a few short hours away. This time last year, I sat in a red office (yes, eww, it was red) surrounded by LSU paraphernalia, working on my husband's desktop PC, dreaming of owning my own business - a line of wedding invitations.

365 days later, I'm in my own little yellow studio, surrounded by my favorite paper-goodness, working on my 27 inch iMac :: insert angel's singing ::, looking forward to the launch of something I've put my heart, soul and spirit into for the past year. I have grown in many ways during 2009 - but 2010 brings a whole new adventure for me.

My toast to all of you for 2010 ::

May you live with a spirit of authenticity.
Be true to your style, your art - whatever it is that you're good at. Own whatever it is that you are not. Your "crumbs" as Bryan and I call them. Own them.

May you live with a spirit of adventure
Life. Is. So. Short. Take it. Own it. Crush it. So often we worry about what we have to do when (as Nike put it best) we could just DO it.

May you always act from a place of love.
Remember where you have been and where you are going - always act from a place of love. And remember, being the bigger person is NEVER never, never the wrong idea. Act from a place of love and surround yourself with people who fill that part of you.

May you truly live within your arch of creativity.
Surround yourself with that which inspires you. Let it inspire you. Be open to change and becoming your authentic self.

And last, (and this is certainly a wish for myself) -
May you always remember to roll with it.
Roll with the ups, the downs, the wins and the losses. When life hurts, let it hurt and fuel yourself with the emotions that come from it. When times are up and you are on top of the world - cherish those moments and let them fuel your spirit. Build, within yourself, a strength from each of these.

Happy New Year, everyone! Make 2010 count!



evy said...

Right back at ya! Beautiful toast! Wishing you a wonderful 2009 filled with health, wealth, happiness and lots to celebrate!

Anonymous said...

What great sentiments to live by! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Emily Ley said...

Thanks Evy and Stacey!! Best wishes to you both in 2010! Emily