Today I am frustrated and a bit grumpy. I am not a good product photographer. But I am learning. And Im going to fake it. That or I'm going to find someone who is and pay them lots of money. Sigh. My GPS... no, my TREASURED GPS... was stolen from my car. In my nice neighborhood. I want it back. A friend did things to make me sad. And I am up to my ears.

The silver lining. I am up to my EARS. Seriously. I am so thankful to have such a wonderful customer base. I cannot wait until January. Today... I am thankful.

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Nicole Peterson said...

I am glad that you could find a silver lining amidst what is understandably a series of frustrating and disappointing events. And just know I am having the same struggle with my camera. We just upgraded to DSLR camera last month so I am struggling with trying to learn how to get good pictures. So you are not alone.