My Very Own

ELP has big news... but first... I was inspired today to post this link and share my very own wedding and to share a company that is near and dear to my heart. And when I say company, I mean it in two different ways. Meg & Charles Baisden - the dynamic duo behind Meg Baisden Photography are two of my dear friends... I love their "company" - they are such wonderful people and friends... and so extremely talented. And their company, Meg Baisden Photography, does such amazing work. We met when Meg & Charles were working on a Bridal Edition of Pensacola Magazine (where I was working during college). We quickly hit it off and I knew that when my day came, I'd have to have them there to capture it.

I was working on the invitations for a wedding in Australia {can you beleive it? ELP has gone international! :)} for a bride who's style very much mimics my own. I started to think back to my not-so-long-ago wedding and had to watch this over again. I was reminded of Meg & Charles - whose business-savy and endearing encouragement helped inspire me to start Emily Ley Paper.

The evening we received this slideshow of our amazing photographs via email, I made my husband, Bryan, promise not to watch it without me. I got home, all dressed up from work, and sat in our dark office watching it with him. After the first three photos, I was speechless... and covered in tears. I kid you not when I say that I sat and watched it for hours. My mom, who lives about 7 hours away, and I sat on the phone coordinating the moment to hit PLAY so that we could watch, laugh, discuss, and cry together.

What an unbeleivable day.

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