Pricing is HARD

I have finally, finally, finally finalized my prices. And oh does it feel good to have that complete. From the beginning, I was very unsure about perfect price points. I wanted our products to be made of the highest quality materials and at the same time, still be affordable. That, my friends, was a challenge.

It's taken me the past two months to find supplies and vendors that match those two things. I've had to order most of my supplies in ginormous bulk orders in order to keep costs down for our customers. But it's paying off. Today, I finished backing out of all of my supply costs and narrowing down quantity costs to repost on the website. All of you brides who are reading this that I'm already working with - your prices still stand if they're lower and are subject to change if these prices are higher - contact me at for more info.

I wanted to be able to offer a discount (per piece) for brides who order in bulk. Most designers will tell you that the hard work comes with the design process - thus lower quantities often cost more than higher quantities. Well, we're very comfortable with these prices now and are stamping our approval on them and putting them on the site today. Personal stationery prices are finished too and should be up shortly as well.

WHEW! Thank goodness for STARBUCKS!

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