Today I am Happier Than a Bird With a French Fry

This card from Studio Mela just made my day. Seriously... you have to be really happy to be THAT happy. Today is a great day. I am setting invitations and stationery aside for a few days to spend a girls weekend with my mom and best friend, Taylor. They'll be here in two and a half hours for three days. I am beyond excited. I havent seen my mom since Christmas and my best friend in about a month. It is going to be a beautiful, glorious, shopping and fun fillled weekend!

ELP is going wonderfully right now. I've had a lot of inquiries into custom business and Etsy shop logo/banner design lately. So this afternoon, I decided to list a few in my Etsy Shop. Almost immediately two of them sold!

Additionally, I had a few conversations with some of the brides I'm working with. I am so lucky to work with such great ladies. Most of my brides are summer brides, so the colors we're working with right now are so bright and cheery. Everyone have a great weekend!


Cioara Andrei said...
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