Vintage Stamps

One of my newest obsessions :: Vintage Stamps. Yesterday, I got the greatest little package in the mail from a fantastic stamp retailer called Champion Stamp out of NYC. Oh how I wish I'd known about them when I was there in July! They have an online catalog in PDF format that you can look through, note item numbers and quantities you'd like (great photos of the stamps are included as well as [great] prices for each) and email them off an order. My stamps arrived about a week later.

Vintage stamps are a great way to give personality to invitations or even personal stationery. I've always collected the "cool" stamps the Post Office issues every year to use with the right letter or thank you note... but the vintage stamps are so pretty! You can mix and match to add up to the right postage needed.

The Goodpaper website will feature about 30 personalized stationery options. For the product photos, each will be paired with a kraft envelope (another new obsession... colored envelopes will be available also) adorned with different "Southern" vintage stamps(including the charming ones above!)

Photo from 100 Layer Cake

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