A giant, sincere thank you to all 17 donors who made the MTH First Class Scholarship possible.  And another giant, sincere thank you to all of our Twitter friends who helped spread the word.  Proof that passionate people pulled together can do BIG things. 

48 hours.  17 donors.  $710.  1 life changed.  MTH2010.

Visit Lara Casey's blog to see how to apply.


Evy said...

So happy to have met and be a part of such an awesome group!

Christopher Confero said...

I never thought when the idea sparked in my head on Saturday night driving home from Charleston, that not 48 hours after Emily posted, this task would be complete! I sit here with tears running down my face. I've never been so moved. I know that MTH2010 changed my life, and I am so proud that we get to do that for someone else.

To all my fellow first-classers, and non-classers, a thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are changing a life.

Emily, thank you for doing the work to make this come to fruition, you are a dear soul.