The Game Has Changed

Over the past few weeks, I have had more humbling, "aha!" moments than I can even count. I've been working feverishly to conquer 2010 right out of the gate. The website and blog are full-steam-ahead and will be launched the first week in February (go here if you're interested in submitting). In this video blog, I tackle the concepts from Crush It - and how they (coupled with my experience at MTH2010) have changed the game for me - including one, incredibly surprising email.

It's coffee and blanket time. I apparently love to talk. Almost 10 minutes long.

Also check out this awesome video from Socialnomics. Really puts it all in perspective.

Be sure to check out Lara's blog tomorrow where she'll be announcing the MTH First Class Scholarship winner! Watch out to whoever-that-may-be :: your game is about to change too.

Go here to purchase the Crush It audiobook!


Jazz Tyrril-Smart {event THIS} said...

Emily - fantastic post! I will get those books ASAP! Thanks for the inspiration - keep it coming #MTH2010! In Australia most people aren't into Twitter, I have found it great mostly, though it’s hard to get into some of the clique's. I actually got offered a monthly Guest Blogger feature on @stylecollective purely from Twitter! I look forward to your adventures!

Phyllis Cheung said...

Thank you Emily, for such an inspirational video blog! I can't wait to attend MTH2010 LA next week! I just downloaded Crush It as an audiobook - so I'll be listening to that real soon! Looking forward to the launch of your new site and following you on your journey this year.

Michael Newman said...

Just finished the Crush It audio book. Will probably listen to it again. Still trying to ingest it all and work it out in how to apply to myself and my business. I laughed about the mic analogy b/c I love technology and spend hours researching my gear. I understood the point, but got a good laugh out of it. Good to see you have a vimeo account. Keep up the great posts!

Lydia Yeung said...

got my crush it book on friday, inspired by you. read it once, and had to read it again! wrote all the points i thought were important to me on post-its and they are stuck all over my desk.

thanks for being an inspiration and for letting us join in on your journey to success!

owlandbunnyblog said...

great post. I'm going to check out gary v's book from your recommendations. Read the 4hr work week and another great book is groundswell.

So inspired hearing about your journey! Thanks for sharing!

Amy Rae Photography said...

i have both books and i am just finishing crush it and then i am going to open up the four hour work week! yeah! love the great motivation!